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 Chemetall Industrial Coatings

Chemetall's metal treatment technology can be found on cars worldwide. Its success in the automotive market is owed partly due its long term corrosion protection properties and its ability to allow optimal paint adherence. 

In the metal forming industry, Chemetall has a strong and broad portfolio of products that ensure an optimised, cost-efficient process flow. 


Chemetall is a global leader in chemical treatment of metal surfaces. 


Selleys Automotive works closely with Chemetall to ensure we provide our customers with expertise & training on the use of Chemetall products.


Chemetall holds over 1200 patents and patent applicants in the field of surface treatment. 


Selleys Automotive and Chemetall are committed to the development and use of eco-friendly pretreatment chemicals that are both economical and highly functional.


We have a range of degreasers, additives, zinc phosphates, iron phosphates, rolling mill chromiums and PVC sealers. 


Our clients span across the automotive and metal formation industries.

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