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Hermes Wet & Dry Sheets
P150 to P2500

Stable Latex paper with improved characteristics of flexibility, resistance to folding and tearing

Can be used wet or dry

Hermes Wet & Dry Sheets
Hermes Hook It Discs
P40 - P500


Multi-hole design to reduce surface dust and prevent disc clogging

No dust build-up on the abrasive grain when used with extraction to give a swirl-free finish

High quality aluminium oxide with a longlife coating

Hermes Hook It Discs
Hermes Production Rolls
P60 & P80


Highly flexible aluminium oxide abrasive cloth with high strength bonding system prevents a premature abrasive grain shedding.


Suitable for grinding of brass, tool steel, zinc castings, aluminium alloys, stainless steel.

Hermes Production Rolls



3M Urethane Seam Sealer

High quality, single component formula adheres well to bare metal, primed metal and painted surfaces.

Moisture curing property for high heat/ humid environments.

Non-Shrinking, non-cracking, low/no odor formula remains flexible and offers superior results to solvent-based sealers

3M Urethane Seam Sealer

Dow Automotive

Betaprime Glass Primer

Advanced formulation no longer requires shaking

Use on all common aftermarket substrates: glass, paint, bare metal

Dries in  two minutes in temperatures 20˚F (-7˚C) and above and in just 10 minutes between 0˚F (-18˚C) and 20˚F (-7˚C)

Dow Betaprime Glass Primer
Dow Beatseal 1407

Easy to gun in all conditions, no heating required for shorter installation time


Working time of up to 15 minutes


Four-hour minimum drive away in temperatures from -5°C to 40°C

High green strength prevents slipping 

Dow Betaseal 1407
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