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G3 Regular Grade Paste
G3 Extra
G3 Fine Finishing

Reliable Cut: Removes P1500 or finer abrasive marks quickly and easily

Permanent Finish: Contains no fillers so scratch marks will not reappear

Silicone Free: 100% paint shop safe

Farecla G3 Compound
G3 Glaze Gloss Enhancer

A protective product with excellent filling capabilities for minor scratches and swirls.


It leaves extra shine and a protective layer on the surface, it offers a water repellent, yet breathable and durable, coating on all paint systems.

Farecla G3 Glaze Gloss Enhancer

Standard G-Mop

Advanced G-Mop

Polishing Foam (Pair)

Wool Adaptor

Woolpad 8"

Advanced Back Plate

Farecla Buffing Pads
Farecla Wax Top High Gloss Liquid Polish 

Provides a superb high gloss finish while offering excellent durability and water repelling properties.  

Quick and easy to apply & remove, will not dry out even when working in direct sunlight. Apply by hand or by machine

Farecla Liquid Wax Polish
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